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The OPPORTUNITY FESTIVAL is an initiative made by a dedicated team and community of OPPORTUNITY SPOTTERS!

On a mission to create a new playground for likeminded people focusing on Business Opportunities, we believe the world is our oyster, and that this world is full of incredible Opportunities! The key is to spot them and act on them.


CEO - Funky FOMO & Metro Media

Rudi Clausen

Rudi is a serial entrepreneur that has spent the last 15 years helping businesses and friends on digital strategy, digital consumer behaviour and cross-channel conversion rate optimization! Today, he is one of the Co-Founders and working full time as head of the fun & amusement department (Funky Fomo AS) at FOMO.

With background as Research Manager in renowned media companies in the Nordics, Rudi first spent his first years as an entrepreneur in Bangkok, Thailand, establishing an interactive digital media company.

Since then, he has been working closely together with his network of innovative companies and organizations in Thailand – always ready to share knowledge on how to enter the innovation hub, Bangkok, as a Springboard to 660 million people in Southeast Asia.

Co-Founder - MindShiftr

Victoria Stensø

Victoria is an enthusiastic person with a passion for innovation, networking and human connections. She is drawn to working with people who thrive in the same direction, which is of course forward, but with opposite backgrounds and approaches.

As a person, Victoria is very, VERY curious. Inspired and motivated by working with topics like diversity, she has chosen to stay and work in different parts of the world for the last 10 years.

Co founder of Innovation lab Middle East and head of innovation at FuelIt AS, key skills are innovative thinking, human relations/coaching, storytelling and network building.

Partner - Innovation Lab

Kristine Moe Sirnes

Kristine is a boundary spanner knowing there is always a better way. Passionate about expanding views and seeking new growth and opportunities through collaboration and challenging the status quo.

Close to 30 years of experience in building strong brands through activating human potential, building communities and creating movements.

Consultant - Webstep

Tonje Sandnes Blix

Tonje is a Change Maker who loves to help organizations become fit for the future and fit for humans. Healthcare worker and Agile coach who have seen the power of warm hands playing in harmony with technology to drive innovation towards new opportunities and a better world.

CEO in Koncav, a company specialized in helping organizations with Agile transformation so they can thrive in a fast changing world.


We are on a mission to create a playground for Business Opportunities. We believe our world is our oyster, and that this world is full of incredible Opportunities! We just need to spot them and act on them.


We are part of the #humanmovement. Because we know that only humans are able to spot and act on opportunities.


Is to create a community of Opportunity Spotters. Because when businesses are filled with curious and actionable Opportunity Spotters, the world becomes a playground for thriving businesses.